The New Stud Trend

Fashion report! This fall, we are rocking the modern stud trend.
Love it or hate it?
We say, "Love it!".

We believe this trend will stay for a little longer.
You can see studs on bags, shoes, shirts/blouses, belts, etc. Just anywhere they can get their hands on.

It  was first pulled by singers as costumes for their stage performances. 
Now? It went viral, spotted on runways & retailers since spring season 2012.


So, what is studded-sophisticatedly & studded-crazily?
Here are a few tips we would like to share.
1. Less is more. (MC's trusty rule.) Just pair 1 shape/type of studs in your outfit. 
For instance, If you have a gold cone shape ones, don't mix it with a silver squared nail heads.

2. We love how studs can instantly add that vava-voom to an outfit. Be that cool yet gentle look. Mix it with a soft material, such as chiffon or knitwear. 

3. Find the right studs for yourselves. If you are spunky, try spikes. If you are girly, go for smaller ones. 

Last tip, don't fill your entire closet with just studs & spikes. Be a fashionista, not a victim. :)

Hope you've enjoyed reading this.

Xoxo, MC.

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