Fashion Faux Pas

MC's list of fashion faux pas to avoid:

1. Short tee paired with legging
 *ah! our eyes* This is a major fashion crime & should be the 1st in our list. Remember, it should always be worn together with a top that covers just below your butt area.

2. Showing too much skin
Modesty never left. Show a little class. Think Audrey Hepburn.  Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel. Kate Middleton. 
From na-da to ta-da. Queue from Nicole Richie who revamped herself. Don't you like her better now? Or the new & improved Victoria Beckham. You don't want to end up looking like Snooki from Jersey Shore.

3. VPL
What is meant to be hidden should stay hidden. It's undesirable and embarrassing. Avoid bulky seams when you wear light material outfit. Check before you step out. *wink*

4. Crocs
Crocs are for the beach. (so they say). Or meant for small children. Though it has cool antibacterial & slip-resistant properties, but even their website admitted that they were originally "intended as a boating/outdoor shoe." Hence, leave them ONLY for outdoorsy activities.

5. Pink overload
We know how much some embrace their girly side but perhaps too much? You don't want to look like a walking Barbie (unless you're going to a costume party.) Avoid lace or pearls if you are in a pink dress. Take it down by a notch with neutral colors like cream/brown.

6. Sunglasses Indoor
2 words - Poser much?

7. All over animal prints
Animal prints almost always comes back in style. Purchasing one or two isn't a bad idea at all. However, it can go terribly wrong, if you do it OTT. Shady. Keep it edgy with just 1 piece at 1 look.

8.  Shorts & heels
Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. 

9. Too many colors in 1 outfit
This can be tricky. Limit your outfit with just 3 colors/shades. Colors opposite each other are "complementary colors" (i.e. purple + yellow, orange + blue). Colors adjacent to each other are called "analogous colors" (i.e. orange, yellow-orange &yellow). When putting together an outfit, stick to complementary and analogous colors.

10. Socks & sandals
Avoid at all costs!

Anything else? Share with us. :)
xoxo, MC.

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