The Peter Pan Collar Craze

Peter Pan collars...It has made a comeback! It certainly brings back memories of all the cute little dresses or blouses we wore when we were little.
This look is as famous as it was back in the middle of past century?!
Vintage. Classy. 
This school-look is seen everywhere on the big fashion runway since Fall/Winter 2011. 
It is spotted at shows like Louis Vuitton, DKNY, Giambattista Valli, Victoria Beckham line & many celebrities are rocking it. 
To show you a few....

It is now branching out into different versions. The oversized, prim, embellished, & even detachable.  

The oversized

The prim

The embellished

The detachable

More elaborations...
The crochet
Printed & scallop shapes

Grab a Peter Pan look right now!